It was in between stacking the fourth and fifth dumpster in an impossible staircase up to a Prague apartment window that we realised - at no point have Eidos Montreal forgotten Deus Ex’s roots. For all its modern shooter trappings, the series has lost none of its essential magic in silly simulation and player problem-solving.

It perhaps hasn’t gained quite enough in Mankind Divided, Montreal’s second Deus Ex sequel to date - certainly not in overall length. But the studio maintained their focus on improvisational combat and avoidance while venerating player ownership above all else, allowing parts of their knotty plot of prejudice and class struggle to slip into the background if we so desired.

Speaking of which: although it might call itself a shooter, Mankind Divided does quests better than practically any mainstream RPG outside of The Witcher. And nowhere else in the games industry will you see the form of fake email writing carried so far. To top it off, Mankind Divided's PC port isn't too shabby either.

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